Treatment with cupping glasses

    Cupping combines several healing impulses and is able to reorganize the energy distribution in the organism.

    Cupping causes a local hyperaemia, which means that too much blood is attracted to the cupped region. The hyperaemia causes so-called “extravasates”, which means that (especially red but in fact all) blood cells migrate through the capillary walls into the connecting tissue where they don’t belong. Therefore, the organism has to remove them, which enhances the circulation in the cupped region over several days. Due to the increased blood circulation, there is an increased metabolic activity. This is because the blood carries oxygen and nutrients to the cell and remove waste substances. With this increase in metabolic activity in the cupped region, the metabolic activity in the whole organism is increased. Therefore, it is important that the patient drink plenty of water after cupping so that the waste substances which are dissolved in the blood can be eliminated.

    Cupping is useful in treating any form of muscle tension in the back, headache caused by muscular tension in the neck area, and sciatic nerve problems and lumbago.

    A variation of cupping therapy is massage with a cupping glass. Retaining the cup’s suction, it is dragged over a larger area of the back, usually over the neck and shoulder region. The result is a large extravasate, which relaxes muscle tension and increases the lymphatic flow. Compared to manual massage, the cupping massage reaches deeper muscle and connective tissue layers.


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