Magnetic Field Therapy

    We all live under the influence of the earth’s magnetic field. It penetrates the whole body, right down to the single cells. Although cells are functionally specialized, the structure of a cell (cell membrane, nucleus and different cell organells) is the same for every cell. Like the whole organism, the single cell has to breathe and be nourished and eliminate waste products.

    Healthy cells have a membrane potential between 70 and 90 millivolts. The tension difference over the membrane is maintained via active ion transport over the cell membrane. If there is a lack of energy in the cell due to deficient nutrition, the membrane potential decreases. To put it more simply, a healthy cell has a certain energy charge, rather like a battery, and this charge diminishes to as low as 40 millivolts in cases of illness. The cell is then only able to maintain itself, and is no longer able to fulfill its function in the organ. This results in so-called “minor disorders” the beginning and can lead to manifest diseases.

    In Magnetic Field Therapy, pulsating magnetic fields are used to increase the ion transport over the cell membrane by force, thus normalizing the membrane potential. This procedure is similar to loading an empty battery. The cell can regain its former function in the organ and the organ is regenerated. This effect on the cellular level accounts for the wide application of this method.

    The main field of application is in the “kinetic apparatus”, which includes everything in the body involved in executing movement, i.e. bones muscles, tendons etc. Magnetic Field Therapy stimulates the healing of bone fractures, strains, sprains and dislocations. It helps with arthitis and rheumatism by enabling better mobility and reducing pain. It supports the recalcification of bones afflicted by osteoporosis and is generally good for relieving pain and relaxing muscle tension. Furthermore Magnetic Field Therapy reduces inflammatory processes and stimulates the immune system. The cell metabolism is increased 2-3 fold. Therefore, waste products are removed faster. The capillaries are widened, which increases the circulation. The oxygen saturation of the tissues is increased 5-6 fold. This is important in treating vein problems, after a stroke, a heart attack or a by-pass operation.

    Magnetic Field Therapy cannot be administered to patients with a pacemaker, an insuline pump, or when any metal is in the body.

    It is not recommended during pregnancy.

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