Bioresonance Therapy

    The cell function of every being is based to a large extent on low-current microelectric processes. Therefore, every cell has a stable electromagnetic field. Those fields in turn induce an electric field through conductive substances such as the cell plasma in neighboring cells. This process is continued over the whole organism, thereby generating an electromagnetic information system. This system is similar to its biological counterpart, the hormone system. Every cell formation and every organ functions based on those electromagnetic processes.

    Based on those electromagnetic processes, every cell formation and every organ also has its own electrochemical pattern. The sum of those patterns and the oscillations caused by cell interaction are known as the physiological field picture of a patient. If there are injuries, toxifications, infections or other cell damage, parts of the physiological field picture change and become pathologic. The entity of physiological and pathological field picture is called the patient-specific field picture. This can be electronically recorded from the body surface and processed. The inverted patient-specific field picture is sent back to the patientís body via a brass electrode, where it interacts directly with the electrochemical patterns of the patient by decreasing or eliminating the pathological pattern. The biochemistry of the cell normalizes and the self-healing ability of the organism is activated.

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